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Classes and Activitites

Temple Scarlet Retreat
2022 Classes and Activities

The schedule will be handed out upon arrival. Mandatory Orientation begins at 5:30om Friday the 15th.



by Rev Bill Duvendack (he/him)


A taboo subject, to be sure, Western Sex Magick is sometimes seen as nebulous or daunting when first looked at, and this is looking at it beyond just the sexuality and ethics on the surface. However, it is worth considering as a magickal technique because its potency can almost not be matched. The surprising thing about this technique is that anyone can do it, and it can manifest physical results when developed. In this presentation, we will discuss different techniques, as well as what can be done and even how to do it!


Right Rev Bill Duvendack is a 35+ year practitioner and student of the western mysteries, as well as being an internationally known astrologer; specifically, an esoteric astrologer, author, presenter, psychic, tarot reader, and teacher.




By Noelle Peavy (she/her)


Please bring your compassion as we discuss various healthy healing techniques in this interactive focus group. The goal is to support one another by sharing useful information with group members.


Mandatory Confidentiality Rule for Attendees: Personal information shared in this group cannot be discussed with anyone outside of the group.


Disclaimer: This focus group is not meant to replace counseling or prescribed medication.


Noelle Peavy has a Master's of Education in Counseling from the University of Missouri at St. Louis. She enjoys encouraging others to actively engage in positive mental health education and skill-building.



by Hillary Berry (she/her)


This class will teach you the different types of non monogamy with a special focus on polyamory, a relationship style in which a person has or intends to have multiple romantic relationships at the same time. We will cover the different ways that people practice polyamory, what makes these relationships work (and what makes them fail), what questions to ask potential partners, how to set boundaries in these relationships, and more!

Hillary Berry is a Certified Sex Coach with 220 continuing education credits through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). She has been non monogamous for her entire life and polyamorous for going on 7 years. She has two life partners who she’s been with for 13 and 4 years. Hillary is mostly retired from coaching as a disabled person but loves sharing her knowledge and experience where she can!



by Irish Mike (he/him)

Bring a partner, or find someone at the workshop to work with.  There will be rope for you to use, and an opportunity to learn some easy beginner ties, as well as the elements needed to do more advanced work.

Baptized in the flame, Irish Mike has spent many years perfecting his fire spell, both metaphorically and metaphysically. An eager seeker of knowledge from all corners of the globe, he brings his glimpses of the arcane to lauded workshops, and uses multiple metaphors to relate the lessons to our modern world. 



by Monica Phinney, RDT (she/ her)


The arts- visual art, drama, music, dance, and writing- are powerful tools for learning, growth, and healing. In this workshop, we will invite you to participate in several types of creative activities to explore themes of sexual wellness and the various "roles" we play in our sexual and romantic journeys and relationships.

Monica Phinney is a registered drama therapist, utilizing role play and other art forms for healing. She's featured in Netflix's Procession, and in addition to consulting, offers pop-up creative wellness workshops. Her background is primarily healthy relationships and domestic/ sexual violence prevention, through the lens of queerness, sex positivity, and polyamory.

by Molly Pocket “StarDust” (she/her)


Get in touch with your inner stripper! In this class I will be a brief discussion about dancers' importance throughout history. Then individual floor work exercises. After that I will be teaching bed dances so bring a partner or feel free to partner up with someone there.

Molly Pocket is a poly kinkster who has worked under the red umbrella for most of her life. Dancing was always her favorite. Molly started dancing when she was a young girl, tap, ballet, acro jazz, and more. When she became an adult, Molly went straight to the pole. She feels there is something very empowering about dancing seductively. Molly loves to share this with people.

by MsBossyButterfly (she/her)

This class discusses the joys and challenges of living as a primal and feral.  It’s designed for both the feral/primal and those who engage with or love those who are feral/primal. Class will blend discussion and demo with instructors showing how primals engage with each other and will focus on the development of healthy relationships and scenes with primals.

Classically trained, MsBossyButterfly has strong roots in Protocols, etiquette, respect, and establishing rules and regulations. MsBossyButterfly is a demisexual, heteroflexible human who practices ethical non-monogamy, is a Professional Dominatrix & kink educator for over 20 years.


by Xander Jobe (he/him)


Find liberation in practicing yoga without clothes; you will have the opportunity to learn and practice yoga poses taught by a certified yoga instructor, to shed some self judgement and to practice self compassion and move toward enjoyment and self acceptance. This class is great for both beginners and intermediate students. This will be a slow, sensual, deep stretching Yin-Yasa Yoga class. Beginners welcome.

Although this will be hosted at a sex positive retreat center where sexual interaction does sometimes occur, no sexual interaction or even touch between other attendees will occur.


Xander Jobe has been actively involved in the Kink Scene for the last 3. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for 5 years. He is an enthusiastic learner, ever evolving his flows to be gentler, more accessible to all bodies and exactly what you need in the moment. He is tuned into the zeitgeist and intuitively senses what people need with their practice. Xander incorporates meditation, breathwork and some flow into each of his classes and will leave you feeling like you’re on cloud 9. Xander considers himself to be caring and compassionate. He believes we all are able to learn and grow from one another. We each have something special to share.


“I think of myself as a part time peacekeeper, warrior of light, diplomat and overall lightworker. I’m here to serve you and help you to feel better in your mind, body and soul. It’s through the yoking(yoga) of mind and body you’ll be able to feel the peace and inner freedom of the always accessible now.”

by Jacob (he/him)


We will begin with a presentation on how trauma affects the brain and the body. Afterwards, we will do group activities with friends and partners, participate in discourse and processing if people feel like sharing.

Jacob is a Licensed Master of Social Work, having received the majority of his training from the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare. His calm demeaner and open manner help to create a judgement free atmosphere in which it is easy to connect and share. Jacob’s areas of interest include sexuality and trauma, polyamory, kink, toxic masculinity, and geek culture. Jacob likes to play guitar, sing, hang with his kids and family, and get some time in playing video games when he can.


By BornOfAshes (he/him)


Participate in a judgment free conversation about finding your vision for a Power Exchange Dynamics and implementing it effectively and efficiently. Participation is highly encouraged for this discussion.

BornOfAshes has been active leader in the Kansas City Kink Community throughout the last decade. He founded the Hell Fire Club of Kansas City and has done work with multiple groups in the area on various events.

by Rev Bill Duvendack (he/him)


These terms are used quite often in books on magick, yet I do not generally see any clarity on what they are, and what they’re not. Often times these terms are used interchangeably and thus mistakenly. In this class we’re going to discuss what each one is, what each one is not, and the purpose and usefulness of each one. 

Right Rev Bill Duvendack is a 35+ year practitioner and student of the western mysteries, as well as being an internationally known astrologer; specifically, an esoteric astrologer, author, presenter, psychic, tarot reader, and teacher.


by Irish Mike Sager (he/him)


by Rev Bill Duvendack (he/him)

by Samsara Temple

Samsara Temple is proud to offer a Self-Pleasure Shamanic Drum Journey. This is a solo journey and sexual energies will be exchanged in the sounds through out the experience. Prepare to be immersed in a live drum, crystal singing bowl guided journey into your own personal pleasure nest.

After setting up your “nest” we will start with a consent and privacy discussion and give a verbal description of what the journey entails. If you choose, we will ask you to blindfold yourself and allow the journey to begin. We will guide you through a somatic meditation experience to help you drop into your body and the present moment. Then, we will begin the drumming. Next, we will guide you through a traditional Shamanic Journey, through the forest of Gaea, deep into the Earth and into your own cozy other dimensional nest. You will then be asked to call forth your guides, guardians, messengers, and other beings. We will then guide you through a Shamanic energetic balancing of your entire body with the beings you have called forth assisting you as you need and desire. Once we have moved through balancing, you will continue the self-pleasure masturbation journey at your own pace. Allowing yourself to fully feel into your pleasure principle, your source energy - feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting the delicious energies of those around you. The shared energies of everyone amplifying your orgasmic potential.

Ideally you will experience an actual physical orgasmic release and hopefully some powerful energetic orgasms as well. Once you have completed your release, you will stay quietly resting in your nest until everyone has finished. We will then play a crystal bowl to integrate the energy. We will have a brief sharing and closing circle.

Please Bring:

  • a water bottle

  • any non plug in and not loud sex toys you want to use on yourself

  • your own lube, if you need it

  • any crystals or sacred objects you want to charge with the energy we create

  • a towel for clean up

  • pillows and blankets

  • a yoga mat for your “nest”


Adult Toys and More


Vulva Art and More

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