Temple Scarlet Retreat

A Sacred Sexuality Retreat

The Temple Scarlet Retreat is a weekend long camping event of classes, activities, rituals, and evening fires that takes place in Summer. This small and intimate retreat is open to persons of all genders, sexualities, relationship styles and relationships statuses. Classes and workshops cover topics like polyamory, sex magick, love languages, BDSM, tantra, trauma healing, deities of sexuality, body positivity, sex education, love and intimacy in all its forms. 

Please read the strict Rules and Guidelines before registering.

The Gaea Retreat Center

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2021 Temple Scarlet Retreat is SUSPENDED

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Retreat Rules and Guidelines

The Temple Scarlet Retreat is built upon a foundation of consent and communication. Attendees should become familiar with our rules, guidelines, and our processes for making allegations or complaints.

Attendees of the Temple Scarlet Retreat must be present for the mandatory orientation on Friday of the retreat where vital information about safety and consensual behavior will be clarified. No exceptions.

Helpful Definitions

Rules: regulations for the retreat that must be followed; rules are hard-line, non-negotiable, and without exceptions 

Guidelines: behavioral regulations for the retreat that are emphasized, promoted, and encouraged in order to create a safer community and better festival experience for all 

Allegation: a written statement describing the actions of an individual who has been witnessed engaging in rule breaking, refusal to follow guidelines, and/or non-consensual behaviors

Complaint: a written statement expressing concerns about any aspects of the Temple Scarlet Retreat or Temple Scarlet pages

Temple Scarlet Retreat Rules

Consenting Adults Only: no persons under the age of 21 will be allowed on site

No Photos: any photography, video, or recording of attendees is prohibited

Sober Physical Consent: physical touch between individuals must be previously agreed upon while both people are in a reasonably unaltered state 

Quiet Zone: no touching and no talking is allowed in the quiet zone which is designated for emotional processing, except in the case of a medical emergency

Mandatory Orientation: all attendees must be present for the mandatory orientation on Friday of the retreat

Temple Scarlet Retreat Guidelines

Holistic consent: Attendees should be aware and receptive of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries of other people, and, always respect those boundaries by forming clear verbal and/or written agreements with other people before taking any actions which will affect others


Active consent: Attendees should continuously be checking with each other for expressions of agreement and enthusiasm, and, should cease the behaviors they are engaging if another person expresses discomfort, disinterest, or is non-reactive


Self Responsibility: Attendees must strive to honestly openly and clearly communicate their own concerns and boundaries to the best of their ability, utilize the physical and emotional safety measures provided, and follow the written process for complaints and or allegations 

Process for Allegations or Complaints

General complaints, including complaints about Temple Scarlet's online pages, must be submitted by email to the founder, for our records, or they cannot be considered and addressed. If you would like to submit an official complaint, please send an email with your full name and concerns to templescarlet@gmail.com. 

Allegations about any person at the Temple Scarlet Retreat must be taken to a member of the Temple Scarlet leadership team, within the scheduled time frame of the retreat, and documented for our records or the incident cannot be considered and addressed. The Temple Scarlet leadership team is willing to accept and document any and all kinds of allegations. The Temple Scarlet leadership team will provide support and help you through our process.

Temple Scarlet Process for Allegations
(What to do if you have witnessed or experienced non-consentual behavior or rule breaking.)

Temple Scarlet is not responsible for incidents occurring outside of the Temple Scarlet Retreat itself. Temple Scarlet is not responsible for any content other than that of our official website, social media pages, and the classes, workshops, and rituals being presented at the Temple Scarlet Retreat itself.

About The Gaea Retreat Center

The Temple Scarlet Retreat is currently hosted by The Gaea Retreat Center near McLouth KS. Gaea is a private alternative camping grounds with a restroom and shower house, a small lake, and many trails leading to beautiful sacred sites like the Kali Shrine that was donated by Temple Scarlet in 2020.

The Gaea Retreat Center Website: GaeaRetreat.org



Temple Scarlet depends completely on volunteers and helpful community members.

Information about KC local spiritual or sexual health resources is always appreciated. Knowledgeable folks who will teach classes or lead workshops are always needed! If you have something to offer or simply want to support this sacred work please send a message.

Temple Scarlet emails are checked intermittently, and response times may be slow. If you message is urgent, consider contacting our page on Facebook.