Sex Positive Counseling

Browse these websites to search for local and/or remote sex positive counseling options.

Therapy Den

Search by your zip code, then use the filters to narrow the results. Filters include Body Positive/Health at Every Size, Sex Positive/Kink Friendly, Trans Competent, Queer Competent, Sex Worker Positive, Open Relationships/Non Monogamy,

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: Kink and Poly Aware Professionals Directory

A detailed online directory. Search options include Kink, Poly, or Swinger awareness levels. Search by country, zip code, city, or remote/online options. 

Poly Friendly Professionals Directory

Click the Psychotherapists - Licensed or Registered option and find your state in the list.

Psychology Today

An extensive list of therapists. Search by zip code. There are no clear sex positive filters, so reading each therapists description is necessary. 

Pride Counseling 

Professional online counseling for the LGTBQ community. Answer questions about yourself and get matched to a therapist.

7 Cups

An online space for emotional support. Free online chatting with volunteers (active listeners willing to hold space as you share) as well as group chat rooms are available here. 


Temple Scarlet depends completely on volunteers and helpful community members.

Information about KC local spiritual or sexual health resources is always appreciated. Knowledgeable folks who will teach classes or lead workshops are always needed! If you have something to offer or simply want to support this sacred work please send a message.

Temple Scarlet emails are checked intermittently, and response times may be slow. If you message is urgent, consider contacting our page on Facebook.