Temple Scarlet is committed to financial transparency.

We are so grateful for the support that has allowed for Temple Scarlet to grow exponentially since it's inception! As our organization continues it's sacred work, we have established this page to provide our generous patrons and our community with details about the money exchanges involved with Temple Scarlet each year.


In 2019 the Temple Scarlet Retreat cost well over $1,500 to put on and was funded through a combination of donations received at Temple Scarlet’s free monthly classes in Kansas City, our Au Naturel Photoshoot Fundraiser, and out of the pockets of our founder Katarina Elaine M. We were also thrilled to receive the donation of our safety tent by one of our amazing anonymous supporters!


Aside from events canceled due to public health and safety requirements, Temple Scarlet has continued to provide spiritual and educational opportunities to the greater Kansas City spiritual community.

Due to our 2020 status as a non-profit organization, we are currently able to host our monthly classes and workshops at Aquarius without paying any space rental fees. We pass this fortune along by keeping the monthly events at Aquarius free to the public! We will continue to proudly offer monthly open classes at Aquarius in Kansas City as often as we are safely able to do so


The annual Temple Scarlet Retreat is our primary community offering. Our expected attendance numbers for the 2020 Temple Scarlet Retreat are 150 attendees. We anticipate meeting our 150 person cap this year! 


Temple Scarlet is also looking to offer events to additional states in the future. As the scope of our work expands, our need for adequate funding is expanding as well. 


The current venue for Temple Scarlet's annual retreat is an ideal clothing optional, spirituality focused, and consent oriented space known as The Gaea Retreat Center. The cost of reserving our chosen private space on this land totals $300 plus additional camping fees for each individual person attending the event. With 150 attendees this will add up to a minimum of $3,300. The Wix website feature that we utilize for online event registration charges us a 3% fee per registrant as well. There are always additional annual expenses to restock safety supplies, rent porta potties, restock ritual supplies, and invest in quality tenting that can provide shade and shelter during retreat classes and workshops.


Some of our Temple Scarlet Retreat expenses are fees that we absorb for others. In order to draw quality, knowledgeable, and experienced presenters to our events we cover their travel expenses, sometimes compensating them anywhere from $40-$100, and covering their Temple Scarlet Retreat expenses outright. 


The Temple Scarlet Retreat also offers a work exchange, Volunteer Registration, option that results in lessened income for us. We do this in part to help us find volunteers, and also to ensure that attendees of limited income are still able to be involved in our retreat. Temple Scarlet events and the Temple Scarlet Retreat registration prices will always remain reasonably low, because our organization cares about remaining affordable to anyone who may need a sacred sexuality experience!


Maintaining a visible online presence does come at a price. Our website subscription alone costs $150 each year, and we need a considerable amount of money to maintain our domain names (templescarlet.com templescarlet.org tmplescarlet.info) and our Facebook Page, not to mention other event advertising fees.


The money received at open monthly classes and from our Temple Scarlet Retreat attendees when they register is quickly depleted by covering all of the expenses listed above, so we are always in need of donations!


In the event that Temple Scarlet is able to raise additional funds, that money is shared back into the community as donations to The Gaea Retreat Center which and organizations like Planned Parenthood which encourage and assist with sexual health and sacred sexuality related work.

The remaining profits from our 2019 Temple Scarlet Retreat were used to purchase a 4 ft Tantric Kali statue to be placed as a shrine at The Gaea Retreat Center. The goddess Kali Ma was a significant part of the sacred work we accomplished at last year’s retreat, and we are so grateful to be able to build and maintain her shrine on the land where our retreat is graciously hosted. 


Thank you for your registration, your style of support whatever it may be, and for being a part of this movement of sexual healing and consent culture! We will be hosting fundraisers throughout the year and donations can always be given at our open monthly classes or directly to our founder.


-Treasurer Savannah Rose Hannum


-Founder and Chair Katarina Elaine M