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Read the event RULES AND GUIDELINES and other information before you register!

Fall Temple Scarlet Retreat 2023
Fall Temple Scarlet Retreat 2023
Sep 15, 12:00 PM CDT
The Gaea Retreat Center



Gaea Retreat Center is a 168 acre property in a rural setting within an hour's drive of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The primary goal of Gaea Retreat Center is to provide a private, natural retreat area for a variety of people of all spiritual traditions, and to promote a feeling of connection with the land and people on it.

Flush facilities and heated showers are available. The cabins are equipped with bunk beds, and one cabin, for special health needs, is air-conditioned. Gardens and secluded areas provide quiet places for meditation or simple relaxation.

Contact to inquire about cabin reservations.

The Gaea Retreat Center is is owned and maintained by Earth Rising Inc.

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