Classes and Workshops of 2018

Classes and workshops cover topics such as polyamory, sex magick, BDSM, tantra, body positivity, and intimacy in all it's forms. The retreat also includes relevant vendors, healers, public ritual and evening fires.

A History of Tantra: Tantric Philosophy and Its Applications

A lecture and discussion class about the history of Tantra and Tantric philosophy. Presenter Zachary Montgomery will teach about the history and context in which tantra was originally developed and practiced, the origins of tantra, the tantric kingdoms of Northern India and Nepal, and how to use tantric knowledge in our personal practices. 

Zachary Montgomery has a degree in religious studies with emphasis on South Asian religion, and a personal tantric practice of several years. He is currently working on a Master's Degree in Religious Studies, which involves extensive research into contemporary Pagan and occult communities. 


Taoist Sexual Theory and Practice

A workshop about Taoist solo and dual body cultivation practices that build health, harmony, and longevity. Presenter Martin Turner will be teaching about the Taoist perspective of embracing physical embodiment and how to build a solid foundation of physical, emotional and mental harmony. The workshop will be interactive. 

Martin Turner has studied Taoism for decades and been practicing sexual qigong for 7 years. He identifies as solo polyamorous and has long been involved in sacred sexuality work within his community.

Polyamory 101

A lecture and discussion class about polyamory; the practice of loving more than one person at a time romantically and or sexually. Presenters Cat Andrews and Steve Towle will be teaching basic building blocks for successful polyamorous relationships. The class may include a Q and A session. 
Cat Andrews has been practicing polyamory for 30 years, and Steve Towle has been practicing polyamory for 15 years. They have had many different kinds of relationship experiences in their 14 years together as a couple and are happy to be of help to oth

Sexuality and Gender 101

A lecture and discussion class about understanding sexuality and gender labels. Presenter Noah Scott will share about the complexities of the sexual/gender/romantic world and the purpose of identity labels. The class may include and extensive Q and A session. 

Noah Scott is Queer, or more specifically, Demi-sexual Androromantic Polyamorous Genderqueer Male-Presenting. He has studied sexuality and gender, presented this subject at previous conferences, and has a wealth of personal experience living within the queer community. 

Healing with Tantric Intimacy

A workshop about tantric energy, sexual healing, and relevant consent culture. Presenter Kali MataJi will be teaching about what happens when two partners are connected on a spiritual level through energetic frequencies, and when they are not. The class may include interactive energy work.  
Kali MataJi has extensive study and personal experience working with energetic/ethereal bodies. She is also a divine dancer and spiritual alchemist working to heal others through Earth Magick, Crystal Activation, and Soul Level Transformation.  

Building Confidence Through Self Love

A lecture and discussion class about practicing forms of self-love and self-respect to increase our self-awareness and confidence. Presenter Wendi Scharpenburg will share advice from her personal struggles and host an interactive discussion about self care.


Wendi Scharpenburg has knowledge and lifelong experiences of working through depression and anxiety. After changing her own life; she has begun to helping others with their self-confidence struggles as a sexual accessories consultant and community caregiver. 

BDSM 101

An interactive discussion class about sensation play and BDSM for beginners. Presenter Brad Leather will be talking about consent and safety in BDSM, a variety of general BDSM practices, and offering demonstrations of some toys and mechanics. The class will include and extensive Q and A session. 
Brad Leather has spent several years teaching the local community about safe BDSM, severed as Dungeon Master, and leads a couple of small educational groups. He is willing to adjust his class to the interests of the attendees and make recommendations to attendees seeking further BDSM instruction or involvement. 

Keeping Sex Fun

An interactive educational class about physical health, safely enjoying sexual play, and STD prevention. Presenter Robert Chapman will teach about many ways to take care of and honor our bodies.


Robert Chapman spent decades working with the MO Conservation Commission focused on disease prevention. He has brief medical training from KU and years of medical studies. Robert Chapman has incredibly diverse sexuality experiences from working with intersex children to relationship consulting for the Unitarian Church. 

2018 Vendors


Sensual and sexual goods and services available during the Temple Scarlet retreat!

Savannah Rose Mobile Massage 

By Savannah Rose Hannum 

-deep tissue and Swedish massage 


Dingoman Imports and Bare Essentials 

By Dingo 

-clothing and jewelry 


Bedroom Kandi 

By Wendi Sharpenburg 

-bedroom toys and accessories 

Entangled Arts 

By Pam Roseman 

-sensual body henna 


Brad's Leather 

By Flogger Guy 

-floggers and BDSM gear 

Kilted Wolf

By Kilted Wolf

-wands and bondage furniture