The Gods of Temple Scarlet

Temple Scarlet events are a sacred space for people exploring sacred sexuality, and also a sacred space for the gods. A number of archetypes and deities will have an open invitation to events and rituals. They are available for us to further connect with their magick, to heal ourselves with their aid, and to grow in our understanding of sexuality. These are the gods of Temple Scarlet, and many more will be welcomed.



Odin is the Norse god of sovereignty and wisdom. Within Temple Scarlet Odin teaches men who have experienced dis-empowerment and shaming their path to strength, through self-awareness. Working with him leads us to true self-acceptance and allows us to become wise and capable leaders ourselves. 



Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of both love and war who is known for her power to redirect fate, ensuring a just outcome. Within Temple Scarlet Ishtar helps us to destroy harmful cultural conditioning and discover healthy sexuality. Working with her we can become powerful sex positive activists facilitating social change. 



Shiva is a multifaceted Hindu god representing the divine masculine principal of existence. Within Temple Scarlet Shiva helps us to deepen our relationships through practices of holding space, extending acceptance, active listening, empathizing, and offering patient support. Working with him restores balance within ourselves and our community. 

The Tennyo


The Tennyo are Japanese Buddhist spirits of music and the arts. Within Temple Scarlet The Tennyo help us to recognize beauty in the world and to renew our spiritual and emotional energy through pleasing sensory experiences. Working with them inspires and motivates us. 



Medusa is the Greek goddess of healing from traumatic experiences. Within Temple Scarlet Medusa helps us through the lengthy process of recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Working with her allows us to finally unload our traumatic stories and to band together with other trauma survivors as we heal. 



Cernunnos is the Celtic god of fertility and the wild. Within Temple Scarlet Cernunnos teaches the masculine paths of manifestation and creation. Working with Cernunnos guides us to become more accomplished lovers, providers, and to utilize our sexual energy for success and the betterment of our lives. 



Kali is the dark Hindu goddess of destruction and change. Within Temple Scarlet Kali shows us how to take apart our own boundaries and let down the unnecessary shielding which is restricting us from change. Working with Kali allows us to open ourselves to new experiences and to understand the value of being vulnerable and sensitive, despite the possibility of suffering.



Veles is the dark Slavic god of the Earth and the under realms within the Earth. Within Temple Scarlet Veles guides men and other individuals toward stable and healthy masculinity.  Working with him brings us the inner strength needed to survive adversity within, to transform through ego death, and to become consciously aware of our coping habits. 




Inanna is the ancient Sumerian goddess of sexuality and sovereignty. Within Temple Scarlet Inanna teaches women and individuals who have been dis-empowered by the mainstream culture to turn the tables. Working with her brings opportunities for us to find our voices, find our inner strength, embrace our leadership qualities, and to take charge.




Pan is the Greek god of fertility, sexual vitality, and wild ways. Within Temple Scarlet Pan shows the joy of flirtation, playful sensuality, and freedom from inhibitions. Working with him strips us of our conditioned guilt, shame, and sexual repressions, showing us how to embrace our wild sexual nature and openly pursue our desires.




Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. Within Temple Scarlet Aphrodite shows us the ways of self-love, body acceptance, and sensual healing. Working with her reveals the beauty around us and of our own selves, showing us how to take pleasure in our appearance and unique bodies.


Apollo is a god depicted in Greek and then Roman myths. Apollo is a god of light and knowledge, music and the arts. Within Temple Scarlet Apollo shows us the sensuality of the arts and does away with sexual misconceptions by teaching truths. Working with Apollo reveals how sexual and intense the touch of paint, the rhythms of music, the emotion of poetry, and the joy of learning something new can be for us.



Lilith is an archetypal goddess who originated out of varied Sumerian and Hebrew tales.  Lilith is a goddess of forbidden sexuality, hidden desire, and empowerment. Within Temple Scarlet Lilith shows us the way of owning our sexuality, healing traumas, and accepting alternative sexuality. Working with Lilith takes us into a dark emotional place in order to heal past sexual harm or help us understand our unusual fetishes and needs.




Chhinnamasta is a Hindu goddess of contradictions, such and life and death, whose aspects of free-flowing sexuality and sexual self-control will be present within Temple Scarlet. Chhinnamasta shows us the serious importance of restraint and consensual behaviors along with the way of uninhibited sexuality. Working with Chhinnamasta will be an exploration in the contradictions of pain and pleasure, control and submission, and love and lust.