The Temple Scarlet BOD has suspended the annual Temple Scarlet Retreat until a time when the BOD determines that the retreat can be safely offered without risking the health of our community. Ticket refunds will automatically be sent by July 31st or earlier by request. Contact us at with requests or questions.

Temple Scarlet

sacred sexuality retreat


July 31st August 1st and 2nd


Gaea Retreat Center

About the Temple Scarlet Sacred Sexuality Retreat

Temple Scarlet is a sacred space where sexuality and spirituality align. The Temple Scarlet Sacred Sexuality Retreat is a weekend long camping event that takes place every Summer. Classes and workshops cover topics such as polyamory, sex magick, BDSM, tantra, body positivity, and intimacy in all its forms. The retreat has numerous classes and includes relevant vendors, healers, public rituals and evening fires.

Deep intimate connections of the body, mind, and soul are transformative.

Sensual and sexual experiences have the power of healing and magick.

Temple Scarlet is a space for embracing your body as a temple, and your primal sexuality in all it's sacredness.

To love yourself fully. To love others deeply. To accept love openly.

About The Gaea Retreat Center

Temple Scarlet will be hosted by The Gaea Retreat Center near McLouth KS. Gaea is an alternative camping grounds with a restroom and shower house, a small lake, and many trails leading to beautiful sacred sites. Visit to learn more about this location!

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