Support Temple Scarlet

Making the healing and educational experiences of sacred sexuality available to everyone who needs them is our passion. In order to keep our retreat registration prices low, and the quality of our events high, we need donations! This is how you can help...

Small Monthly Donation

Consider giving us $5 a month by clicking the donation button below and selecting the "monthly" option. It really adds up for us!

Retreat Scholarship Donation

Pay the way for someone in need by clicking the button and donating $80. This will cover the registration costs for a community member who otherwise couldn't afford the retreat. These scholarships are distributed by our founder.

Donate Supplies

Do you have safety supplies, event tenting, educational literature, contraceptives, piles of firewood from Jefferson County KS, or other useful items/services you'd like to offer? Contact our founder at

Financial Transparency

Temple Scarlet is not currently registered as a non-profit organization and therefore is not tax exempt. Temple Scarlet is best described as a sacred sexuality project founded and maintained by Katarina Elaine M. (That's me!) All donations are received and managed by myself. Typically, the cost of venue rental and supply replacements/upgrades for the Temple Scarlet Retreat takes all our funds. Occasionally I chose to put some towards a relevant community project such as the establishment of the Kali Shrine in 2020.


Thank you for trusting me!


 This sacred sexuality work is only made possible by the support of helpful community members. I deeply appreciate all social media hype, my hard working event volunteers, the teachers giving of their time and skills, and donations!

-Katarina Elaine M
(Temple Scarlet Founder)