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Not everyone thinks that of contracts as romantic, but they generate important discussions and help folks set expectations and boundaries in a relationship. Most relationship conflicts begin with miscommunications that a relationship agreement of some kind could have prevented. 

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This agreement is all about designing a conscious relationship, as opposed to an escalator relationship, and it has a casual feel. Choose your levels of commitment, emotional and physical intimacy, make plans to communicate and spend time together, and more. It is gender inclusive and the checkbox style could be adapted to multiple partners by signing with initals.

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This relationship contract we've designed reads like a traditional contract and is gender inclusive and poly friendly, with spaces for four different partners. It covers topics like sharing finances, cohabitation, and intimate needs. 


Click the PDF icons to download print outs.

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This nine page BDSM checklist by Creature Sir allows you or your partner to rate almost every kind of play imaginable. It has boxes to mark experience levels, past enjoyment, hard and soft limits, and much more. It does a great job of being gender inclusive. This checklist is ideal for experienced kinksters trying to keep track of multiple play partners, or entering into a new dynamic and learning each others loves and limits. It may be excessive for someone who is just starting out, but beginners could read through it to get perspective about all the play options available to them. We got it from

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This worksheet is perfect for a night at the dungeon or a play party. It is ideal to work through with a brand new partner, but can be helpful for established partners planning a night out as well. It has covers basic safety and consent questions, has options for different kinds of BDSM play, and also includes emotional and aftercare related selections. Some answers are write ins while others can be circled.


The folks at offer all kinds of educational resources for survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Visit their site if you or a loved one needs answers about how to report it, how long you can wait before pressing charges, or about related topics like grooming and battery.


Temple Scarlet events are for consenting adults only, but we highly recommend the organization Sex Positive Families as a resource for parents looking for accurate age appropriate information for their children and teens. They consistently post helpful and discussion generating content on their social media pages. They also offer a book called Sex Positive Talks to Have with Kids on their website.

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Comic content that you can enjoy and learn from!


Tikva Wolf, also know by the online tag of Kimchi Cuddles, is an author and illustrator focusing on the topics of communication effectiveness and relationship dynamics. Many of her comics revolve around non monogamous relationships. Wolf’s work is used as an aid by therapists and educators, has been translated to several different languages, and is a part of the Kinsey Institute’s archive collection as well as the Ivy Plus Libraries Global Webcomics Archive.

Visit or follow her on social media.

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